I’m a cross-disciplinary designer, ecosystems thinker and entrepreneur with strategic design leanings, research focus and a social impact mindset.



I’m a hyper generalist, an intentional approach and strength that allows for comprehending connectivity between seemingly disparate nodes possibly overlooked by specialists. This (proudly) generalist vantage point brings a unique strength to any situation- an openness to the unknown, a humbleness to the new and a curiosity into obvious and unexpected topics of interest, providing me with the nimbleness necessary to navigate and innovate in this crazy world.

I’m an experience designer, innovative strategist and project manager with experience in corporate, government, small business and nonprofit sectors. With over 20 years in project development and actualization, my professional background is broad and includes work in mission based startups, sustainability, research, creative practice, environmental planning, brand development, interactive art, performance, documentary film, industrial design, analysis, landscape architecture, permaculture, education, appropriate technology, collaboration and cultural anthropology pertaining to range of topics from renewable fuels and energy to sustainable sanitation to the prison industrial complex to community engagement and more.


  • Project Management
  • Human Centered Design
  • Competitive Research/Market Insight
  • Qualitative Research and Analysis
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Ethnography & Social Interception
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Storytelling
  • Survey Development and Analysis
  • Cross Silo Engagement
  • Vision into Action/Strategic Plan Development
  • Dynamic & Static Presentations & Info Graphics